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A current SVRA Super License or equivalent is required to compete in the Category 1 class of PSSA. Applicants must have been previously licensed with an organization recognized by PMH, and have a minimum of three (3) years of racing experience in cars of similar performance level as those in the Super License category. Verification of such licensing, types of race cars driven, as well as race results must be submitted to the National License Director, along with the New License Application. Category 2 and Category 3 competitors are required to hold a SVRA Competition License or a recognized competition license from another club.

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PSSA will be open to three different categories of cars. Category I will include Ligier LMP3, Radical RX (RXC, SR10 and SR8) and Revolution 500SC. Category II will include Radical SR3 1500 (R5) and Revolution 427. Category III will include Radical SR3 1340 (R3). For specific rules and requirements, see the Rules Details link below.

Rules Details (PDF) Revised 1/2024

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2023-01 (PDF)

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2023-02 (PDF)

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2023-03 (PDF)

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2023-04 (PDF)

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2024-01 (PDF)

Tech Bulletin PSSA TB 2024-02 (PDF)


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